1. BOAST may not be a household name….and they’re perfectly fine with that. The brand has been around since 1973, with somewhat of a cult following ever since. Founded by former tennis pro Bill St. John, BOAST offers a full array of classic polos, perfect for hittin’ sticks at the country club, and looking badass doing it. The line consists of shirts in various colors and stripes, that can be easily recognizable by their Japanese maple leaf logo, not to be mistaken for a marijuana leaf.

    Forty years after its inception, BOAST is going back to its roots. Chief Executive Officer Ryan Babenzien, with help from Supreme Creative Director (and brother) Brendon Babenzien, recently initiated a brand revival to help bring cool back. Babenzien aims to keep the rebellious spirit and soul that BOAST attained when it was thriving in the 70s as they move forward expanding the line. So whether you find yourself trying to explain their logo to your boss or getting random fist bumps from other BOAST faithfuls, sporting their classic take on the polo will definitely get you noticed.

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